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  • Watching: TV News
  • Eating: nothing :-(
  • Drinking: pills :-(
Sometimes I wish I have the time to do everything I leave for when I have some free time... But I haven't wished to be sick! Never!
Bu t now - here I am, at home, sick and with amazingly high temperature...
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  • Eating: Milka Chocolate
  • Drinking: Coca-Cola Light
Hi, everyone! :wave:

I was away from the city and away from the internet, so I couldn't submit anything... But I was thinking about my challenge and every day I made a shot for the day. I already submited them so I hope you gonna like 'em...

They were the perfect few days which I had for a very long time.... After my nerves brook down I really need some time for my-self to relax...

I hope you have the greatest summer ever
see ya soon ;P

Peace, Love and Dreams!
  • Watching: Midsomer Murders
  • Drinking: Coca-Cola
I just ended my first dinner party like housewife... I think it went pretty well ;P
My guests didn't complain - so I think I did well! :woohoo:

I made three salads and some more dishes.... and for dessert I made fruit salad in little melons and ice-cream :aww:

I really think I did very well tonight! ;P

  • Drinking: Coca-Cola
I'm so sorry for not submited anything yesterday... I didn't have i-net last night and actually I couldn't submit.... But I had to find a way to do it, so I'm sorry! =(

And for the record I really enjoyed the meeting tonight! :woohoo:
  • Drinking: Coca-Cola
At last I'm home!!!
I'm so happy about it... even after such a horrible journey :aww:

Love you! :heart:

I'm sending you all the love and kisses, and smiles in the world! :peace: :heart: =)
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Sorry.... I submitted just one today (15th Day)
I have more shots but I don't have time... =(
So... I'll submit tomorrow ;P

Peace and Love
:peace: & :heart:
  • Listening to: Trapt - Headstrong
  • Drinking: Coca-Cola
Ciao everyone :wave:

I just came back home from my exam.... I'm not so sure I passed it... But we wait and will see.

Although... I'm really really really happy cus after all this time in Sofia I'm coming back in Varna! I feel so good and relax already.... I miss the sea and the beach and my family so much that actually hurts. But now I'm going home... WOW!!! WOOOOOW!!!! I still can't believe it... but tonight I'm going home ;P
  • Watching: Bridesmaids
  • Drinking: cold water
Ciao ;P

Tomorrow I have an exam for my driver license... so wish me luck (I'm gonna need it)!

and I'm soooo good - reached 14th day! That's big deal for me! ;P

I wish you all everything good and LOVE!

peace :peace:
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  • Drinking: Coca-Cola
I just wanna say that I'm so.... soooo proud of myself!!!! I reached 11th Day.... yea, baby! I'm good!

;P (please don't laugh... very loud)

peace :peace:
  • Listening to: Joan Osborne - One of Us
  • Watching: Woman on Top
  • Drinking: Coca-Cola
What would you ask God if you had the chance to ask him just one question?
  • Listening to: Aksinia,B.Soltariiski & Ku-Ku Bend - Ne sme sv
  • Watching: Shakespeare in Love
  • Drinking: Coca-Cola

First - thank you all for adding my photos in your galleries! I really appreciate it! :tighthug:

Second - OMG, I made it to 4th day!! :squee:
I'm not so good at this - keeping my promises - so I'm really really proud of my-self keeping it so far ;P
(I hope I won't end it now....)

So - thank you again!!! :tighthug:

and see ya!
  • Listening to: Gary Jules - Mad World
  • Watching: The Last Song /pause/
  • Drinking: Coca-Cola Light

I'm gonna try something.... I'll try to make and submit one photo every day for one year. I think is gonna be a challenge for me and I really wanna do it.

So I'm starting today :camera: with this one....…

I hope you like it, bcus I do! ;P
  • Listening to: Selena Gomez - Bang Bang Bang
Why everyone I know goes to Paris or somewhere else where is nice?!?! I want to go somewhere too... Somewhere where I can say "Oh My God... is it true?! I'm not dreaming right?!"

Maybe it's better that way... One day, when I go there, it will be breathtaking... it will be amazing and my dreams will become true.

Maybe I have to stay here till I find the right person who to go with me....  

I want to see so many places and so many things... but I'm starting to think do I have time to do all that? When I graduate I'll have to go to work... then start my own company, then my family will be number one priority...
Will I ever go there??... Will I see Taj Mahal, or the Eiffel Tower, or the Statue of Liberty, or Niagara Falls... or Rome, or Tokyo, or London?  

Maybe I shouldn't have to see all those places.... Maybe they should stay just dreams...

I hope not.... =/
  • Listening to: Selena Gomez -Bang Bang Bang
μπορείτε να βρείτε την αγάπη εδώ ....
  • Listening to: Selena Gomez - I Love You Like A Love Song
  • Reading: Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones
  • Watching: waiting for House M.D. on the TV
I just spent the half money for the whole week... and the top of that I don't feel very well... a little dizzy

It was a really bad day... I just want it to end already and come the next one, hopefully it's gonna be better than today

P.S. I sent my documents for a scholarship from the EU... so wish me luck :fingerscrossed:
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  • Reading: Lections
  • Drinking: Coca-Cola
Tomorrow I have a birthday and I seriously get thinking what I want for present...

What a girl who has everything may asks....

I want my love back... I want my brother back... I want my life back...

I need my friends back - to tell them that I'm sorry! I'm sorry for all my mistakes, for all the lies that I said to protect myself....
I've always hidden behind walls... They have always protected me from the people.... but who and what's going to protect me from myself?!...

In my short life (just 22 years) I saw so many deaths, I cried so many tears, I screamed so many times, I was lost for so long.... I really need to find myself now. I need to open my eyes in the morning and to know what my life is for a change...
I'm sick of crying and screaming already! I'm sick of the past.... that f**king bad past...

So tomorrow is the day I'm going to say "Good-bye!" to the bad memories of the past (I'm keeping the good ones) and gonna live for myself for a change.

I'm gonna be free at last!
  • Listening to: Crazy by Gnarls Barkley
  • Reading: Lections
  • Drinking: cold water
I can't believe it!!! On my birthday I have an exam...  :tears:

I really can't get it...
What I supposed to do now?... :sniff:

well... I'm gonna buy some candy and give them to my teacher...
And I'll do my best!!! I really need an A here... :fingerscrossed:

Now - I'm going to study... :reading: :work: ... again :roll:
  • Listening to: Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon
Oh... My... God...

My neighbors had the strangest idea for sex-place....
They just made sex on the balcony..... when everybody can see them....

yeah... I have weird neighbors...
  • Listening to: When you kiss me by Shania Twain
Why is so hard to find someone to love….

Yes, it’s easy to fall in love… but to stay in love – well, this is a different story.

When you’re in love everything’s brighter, more beautiful… but after these first moments of blinding love, there is a whole new world. When you don’t look with the  eyes of love, you can see that the man next to you is so much not Mr. Perfect. But after all – you love him… so you decide to stay with him (for a while).
And you start to think… Why am I with that guy? He’s nothing that I’m looking for! He’s not smart, neither good-looking… So why am I with him?
And you keep thinking that way… starting a fight… making a reason for you to leave… ‘cus is a lot easier to have an excuse. Easier for the both of you.

… So it’s not easy to stay in love… Even when you try so hard to keep the fire between you  strong, there’s always something what’s missing…
Until the moment you meet Him… and anything doesn’t matter anymore.

Thank you for being my Mr. Perfect!